Equipment Finance

Take advantage of our expert finance consultants and access to multiple lenders to get your equipment finance sorted – fast.

Popular equipment finance items include:

  • Trucks.
  • Trailers.
  • Tractors.
  • Heavy duty construction vehicles.
  • Fixed and mobile plants.

If you’re currently in research mode, here’s a quick explanation of options in the business finance market:

Chattel Mortgage
A chattel mortgage allows businesses ranging from sole traders to large corporations to secure a loan against their equipment. To qualify for a chattel mortgage the equipment must be used for at least 50 per cent business purposes.


  • Potential tax benefits (speak to your accountant).
  • Your business owns the equipment without upfront payment.
  • Loan terms available from between 1–7 years.
  • Fixed interest rate.
  • Low doc option to approved/eligible customers.

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Operating lease
An operating lease allows businesses to lease equipment over a fixed term with defined kilometre usage. At the end of the term the vehicle is returned with no residual value liability.


  • Amount financed is GST exclusive.
  • Monthly invoices allow for easy budgeting.
  • Asset is not displayed on the balance sheet.
  • Other expenses such as maintenance and registration can be built into the agreement.

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Low doc car loans
If you are self-employed and need quick finance for business equipment, and don’t have two years’ worth of documentation required for a business loan – then a low doc loan can accommodate your needs.

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